Friday, November 14, 2008

Immaculate Mary Tag

Immaculate Mary ecg


Maryellen said...

I see I really have been missing out since my time is limited. I just found your Tags blog tonight. They are just delightful. Please tell me how do you use a tag? Can you display some ways to use them?

Each one is precious in it's own way. I love them!. Great work.

Esther said...

Hi MaryEllen. Glad you found this blog!
Here is an example on how a blogger uses the tags.

I use mine in emails as a signature.

If you would like any particular one or more with your name or just blank, feel free to ask for a personalized one or to use as is.

Maryellen said...

Thank you Esther
I like the idea of using the tag as a sig for emails.

I will choose some very soon. How generous of you to take the time to do these and then offer to personalize them. You're a sweetheart Aloha.

I received your comment this afternoon on my post

Esther said...

Thank you for your kind comment ME!